Kikusui PXT20K-1500 20kW Programmable DC Power Supply 0V – 1500V 0A – 30A

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Kikusui PXT20K-1500 High Power Programmable DC Power Supply 0V – 1500V 0A –  30A

The PXT Series of high-performance, high-capacity, wide-range DC power supplies offers a maximum rated output of 20 kW in a compact 3U size. In addition to variable internal resistance, bleeder ON/OFF, and output ON/OFF delay functions, the PXT series has various communication interfaces (LAN, USB, and RS232C as standard). It can be used as a standalone device or integrated into testing equipment. Furthermore, the excellent heat dissipation design guarantees an ambient operating temperature of 50°C, making the unit suitable for harsh, high-temperature testing environments. The PXT Series is also highly scalable, and its capacity can be increased to 200 kW in parallel operation (up to 10 units).


  • Operation Modes include constant voltage, constant current and constant power.
  • High power density: 20 kW in 3U size
  • A single unit handles both power and regeneration
  • Rated output voltage 500 V/ 1500 V Model dependent
  • Easy Master/Slave parallel operation up to 200kW
  • Continuous operation at rated power at ambient temperature of 50°C
  • Equipped with touch panel display
  • LAN, USB, RS232C, external analogue control (isolated type) standard
  • External control I/O is standard for both NPN and PNP type PLCs
  • Built-In sequencer and web interface.

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