Free Tekbox RF Kit From Telonic

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Free RF Kit includes:

  • BNC Telescopic Antenna
  • Attenuator, 2W, 20dB, N-type(M)/N-type(F)
  • Adapter, N-type(m)/N-type(m)
  • Adapter, N-type(f)/N-type(f)
  • Adapter, N-type(m)/BNC(f)
  • Adapter, N-type(m)/SMA(m)
  • Adapter, N-type(m)/SMA(f)
  • Adapter, BNC(m)/SMA(f)
  • Adapter, BNC(m)/SMA(m)
  • Adapter, BNC(f)/SMA(f)
  • Adapter, SMA(f)/SMA(f)

Supplied free of charge from Telonic with the purchase of a new spectrum or vector network analyser from Siglent or Rigol.



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