EMC for Printed Circuit Boards – Keith Armstrong

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EMC for Printed Circuit Boards by Keith Armstrong BSc(Hons) CEng FIET SMIEEE ACGI.

More than just a book, it is a true learning aid. Graphics in full colour. Designed to lay flat for easy learning. Written in a clear concise no nonsense style. Destined to become the Standard for EMC PCB Design. 168 A4 pages.

This book is about good-practice EMC design techniques for printed circuit board (PCB) design and layout. It is intended for the designers of any electronic circuits that are to be constructed on PCBs, and of course for the PCB designers themselves. All applications areas are covered, from household appliances, commercial and industrial equipment. through automotive to aerospace and military.

This is a book for electronic and PCB engineers who need to emply good EMC and SI techniques to save time and money when designing with the latest technologies, to make reliable and compliant products.

The book uses very little maths and does not go into great detail about why these techniques work. But they are well-proven in practice by successful designers world-wide, and the reasons they work are understood by academics, so thay can be used with confidence. Numerous references lead to detailed explanations and mathematical foundations.

It is difficult for textbooks to keep up to date with fast-changing PCB technology and EMC techniques, which is why most of the references are recent conference papers and articles available via the Internet.


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