6019 Sensepeek PCBite Kit with 2x 200MHz SQ200 Oscilloscope Probes and 4x SQ10 Multimeter Probes

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6019 Sensepeek PCBite Kit with 2x 200MHz SQ200 Oscilloscope Probes and 4x SQ10 Multimeter Probes

The ultimate kit that includes everything you need to hold your PCBs during soldering, inspection and handsfree measurements with your multimeter, logic analyser, oscilloscope or preferred tool.

All six included handsfree probes are from the new and improved SQ series. All included probes are insulated and can also be used handheld. This kit contains the 200 MHz bandwidth oscilloscope probes. Other bandwidths are available both as separate probes or in complete kits to match your oscilloscope or measurement needs.

Higher Bandwidth Kits are also available

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The new SQ series of handsfree probes from Sensepeek have a lower point of gravity making them even more stable compared with the original SP series of handsfree probes. All probes in the SQ series are also insulated and can be used handheld as any traditional probe but their full potential is used when measuring handsfree. The SQ series of oscilloscope probes also includes more ground options, have probe tip protection, longer cable and support for oscilloscopes with automatic scaling (10:1) All the loved features of handsfree measurement, exchangeable fine pitch spring tipped test needle, color-coded cable holders and the minimalistic design is maintained to make traditional sized and handheld probes obsolete. Both length and weight of the SQ probes are perfectly balanced to be used with the included PCB holders and base plate which is a must for handsfree function. The probe holder comes with a powerful magnet in the base, as for all PCBite probes and holders which makes the probe easy to place and reposition. One side of the included baseplate is matte and the other is mirror polished. The mirror polished surface makes it easy to see components on the circuit board underside. For added protection during measurement the included insulation cover can be mounted on one of the surfaces. See user guides and included articles (links below) for more details and specifications.

6019 Kit Includes: 2x SQ200 – 200 Mhz handsfree oscilloscope probes (article 6014) 1x PCBite kit with 4x SQ10 probes and test wires (article 6003)

6014 Kit includes

(there are two of the 6014 kits included with the 6019)

1x SQ200 200 MHz probe with spring tipped test needle
1x SQ probe holder for handsfree measurement
1x Test hook with detachable cables (5cm & 10cm) for convenient ground connection
1x Alligator cable for convenient ground connection
1x Standard ground spring, for handheld measurements at rated bandwidth
1x Unique ground spring, for total handsfree measurements at rated bandwidth
1x Set of colour coded cable holders(4 colours)
1x Probe tip protection
1x Extra test needle

6003 Kit Includes:
4× PCBite PCB holders
1x Set of yellow insulation washers for the PCB holders1x Large Base plate (A4)
1x Insulation cover for the base plate (A4)
1x Micro fiber cloth

4x SQ10 probes and pin tipped test needles (black)
2x Banana to dupont test wires (red/black)
5x Dupont to dupont test wires
1x Set of cable holders(4 colours)
4x Extra test needles

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