Measuring Temperature with an RTD on a DM3068

Posted on: December 15th, 2020 by Doug Lovell

These steps will allow you to use your Rigol DM3068 to take temperature measurements with and RTD (Resistance Temperature Detector). You will need to know the R0 of your RTD, which is the resistance at 0 degrees Celsius, and the Alpha value, which is the rate at which the resistance scales over temperature. 

Note: The process for using a DM3058 is similar, but the menu items may have different names.

1. Select Sensor > Temp > New > RTD > R0
2. Input the R0 resistance for your temp probe 
3. Press Alpha and choose the correct alpha value for your temp probe
4. Press (back) > 2WR of 4WR depending on how many inputs your probe is using (2 or 4 wires)
5. Press (back) > (back) > Unit and choose desired temp unit
6. Press (back) > Done > Save
7. Name the save state if you want 
8. Press (back) > Done > Apply 
NOTE: This last step is a little unintuitive, but very important. If you don’t back up after saving and press apply, nothing will happen. 

Once You have create this sensor mode, the next time you want to switch into it you will just need to press Sensor > Load, then after making sure your desired setting file is highlighted, press Read.