MC3065 DMM Module is not recognized by the M300 mainframe

Posted on: December 15th, 2020 by Doug Lovell

The Rigol MC3065 DMM module is designed for use with the RIgol M300 switch/DMM data acquisition

If the MC305 module is not recognized, there are a few steps that can help to isolate the cause of the
1. Check the MC3065 connector for obstructions and remove them, if applicable
2. Check the M300 slot for obstructions and remove them, if applicable
3. Re-insert the MC3065 into the slot and check for recognition
4. If the MC3065 module is not recognized, check the fuse (AC250V F3.5M) located on the back panel..
replace it if it is damaged or missing:

To check for recognition of any module, press Utility > Detect. This will open up the module test

If everything is correct, it should appear as below: