Lock and Unlock Capability of the DP800 series

Posted on: December 16th, 2020 by Doug Lovell

The DO800 series allows you to easily lock and unlock the instrument’s front panel by pressing and holding on the OK button in the bottom right hand corner of the front panel.  When the instrument is locked the only buttons that are fully function are the individual channel On/Off buttons otherwise the rest will not respond.  To unlock the instrument, you need to press and hold the OK button just like with locking the instrument. 

The instrument also comes with the ability to implement a password requirement when Unlocking the instrument, it will not require a password to lock the instrument.  To enable this feature press Utility -> Systemv – > Arrow over to page two -> Key Lock.  When this feature is turned on the instrument will require the user to enter 2012 before the instrument will be unlocked.