Kikusui PWX Series – Take control of your Power Testing.

Posted on: May 17th, 2021 by Doug Lovell

Kikusui PWX DC Power Programmable Supply – 750W or 1.5kW, LAN , RS232, USB and rack-able

PWX is a new series of DC power supply in only 1U height, for rack or bench use. With outstanding power per volume, all models allow Constant Volts or Constant Current operation. A 19-inch wide geometry allows close stacking on top of each other is achieved by cooling design with air flowing from the front to the back. With USB, RS-232C, and LAN interfaces as standard, an essential for system upgrades, PWX PSUs come complete with virtual multi-channel bus (VMCB). This facility supports many architectures for remote control and monitoring: 1-to-N, or N-to-M topologies, thereby supporting very large-scale applications. With a network interface offering LXI compliance*, it is easy to monitor and also to control your power supplies from any networkable browser: a PC, smartphone, or tablet, for example, bringing freedom of location to your systems management.

Powerful yet simple configuration via PWX’s LAN interface
To configure PWX, simply connect your PC, or route to the PWX via a hub, using a LAN connection. If you want to work with many machines in specific combinations, create a virtual group using the VMCB features: up to 255 virtual groups are configurable, and up to 31 units per group. A group can have a mixture of models you need.

Easy monitoring and control of a live PWX using built-in web server
As well as setting up, the browser on your PC and many smartphones/tablets can also be used for active control and live monitoring. Simply access the applications for control on the web server built into the PWX series.

Wide Operating Range: up to 3-times the capability – see chart operating region
A wide range of voltage and current outputs are available from PWX, via output power auto-ranging (a factor of three across the range). For example, the 1500 W output power model PWX1500ML functions continuously across the range of ‘80 V-18.75 A’ to ‘26.8 V-56 A’.

Sequence Creation Application Software SD013-PWX (Wavy for PWX)
Automated testing applications are accommodated using the optional Wavy for PWX. The Wavy application software enables sequenced data to be edited and uploaded to the PWX for complex testing solutions.

Kikusui’s new PWX Range includes this wide range of DC power instruments:

PWX750LF – Wide Range DC Power Supply 1U 750W, 0~30V/0~75A
PWX1500L – Wide Range DC Power Supply 1U 1500W, 0~30V/0~150A
PWX750MLF – Wide Range DC Power Supply 1U 750W, 0~80V/0~28A
PWX1500ML – Wide Range DC Power Supply 1U 1500W, 0~80V/0~56A
PWX750MHF – Wide Range DC Power Supply 1U 750W, 0~230V/0~10A
PWX1500MH – Wide Range DC Power Supply 1U 1500W, 0~230V/0~20A
PWX750HF – Wide Range DC Power Supply 1U 750W, 0~650V/0~3.5A
PWX1500H – Wide Range DC Power Supply 1U 1500W, 0~650V/0~7A

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