How to use UltraSigma to retrieve trace data from a DSA800

Posted on: December 16th, 2020 by Doug Lovell

1.    Download and install UltraSigma software 
2.    Physically connect instrument to LAN network and get IP address. You can check the IP address by pressing SYSTEM > IO SETTING > LAN 
Here the base IP address and the VISA Resource ID are highlighted 
3.    Open the UltraSigma software and Select LAN 
4.    From here, you can search for instruments or specify the IP address of an instrument that you would like to connect to. On closed systems (without firewalls), you can try an Auto search for Rigol Instruments that are connected to the LAN by selecting the Search button 
5.    If your Search does not produce any connection, try entering the IP address in the Manual Input area. Press Test to check the connection. 
6.    After selecting the VISA resource, UltraSigma will display the DSA800 VISA ID as shown below: 
7.    Right-Click on the resource you wish to control, and select SCPI Panel Control 
8.    SCPI panel control provides an area to send single commands and return response strings from the instrument that you are connected to.  
9.    To collect trace data from the DSA800, type the string “:TRACe:DATA? TRACe1” in the text box and press Send Command: 
10.    Now, press Read Response to bring back the data 
11.    If the data set is larger than the bytes returned, you can increase the return buffer size by changing the return byte size in the advanced tab as shown below: 
12.    Change the Bytes to be read and press OK 

13.    Now, press Send Command again to send “TRACe:DATA? TRACe1” and then read the response: 
14.    You can scroll down to see that the entire data set has been transferred. 
15.    Now, right-click on the data and Copy to Clipboard: 
16.    Open up a copy of Word or Notepad, and paste the data. 
17.    Save data as a CSV.