How to use the voltage correction function on frequency response

Posted on: June 23rd, 2021 by Doug Lovell

The PCR-WE can output up to 5 kHz, but it has frequency response as shown in the figure below. The response is about -3dB at 5kHz. For example, the waveform in the figure below is for 120 Vrms, 5 kHz.

Voltage amplitude correction
The PCR-WE has a function to correct the attenuation due to the frequency response of the output. Please refer to the “The soft sensing function is used” page of the User’s Manual.
Steps to enable features:
1. Turn off the Output.
2. Set the Output Voltage.
3. Press Oher button (Shift + Memory) > 1/2 (F6) > COMPEN (F2) > SENS.-S (F3).
4. Press ENT.
“SENS.-S” is displayed on the panel.
5. Press 1/2 (F6) > SOFT.SENS (F2) > S.POINT (F5) > O.TERM (F2)

Set the sensing point in output terminal. 6. Press ESC > V.CTRL (F2) > AC (F2)

Corrected waveform
The output voltage is 120 Vrms.

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