How to use the Timer Function on the DP800

Posted on: December 16th, 2020 by Doug Lovell

The timer function can be used on the DP800A or the DP800 series if a Timer option has been installed.

To create a Timer file on the instrument, press the “Timer” button and then press “Timer Set”.  Once you are in the Timer Set to enter a value you need to press the “Parameter” then to navigate to your desired cell use the arrow buttons to the right and then use the number pad to enter your desired value. Increase the number of Steps use and to navigate through the Steps use the up and down around on the display.

To save a timer file arrow over to the second page of the Timer Set menu and then press save and with in this menu you will be able to save the Timer file either internally or onto a flash drive.

To load the timer file from the Timer Set menu arrow over to the third page of the Timer Set menu and then press the back button.  Next turn on the timer and the power supply will start to step through your desired current and voltage requirements for each step.