How to Measure Output Impedance of Power Supply with Bipolar Power Supply PBZ Series

Posted on: June 22nd, 2021 by Doug Lovell

How to Measure Output Impedance of Power Supply with Bipolar Power Supply PBZ SeriesPBZ

Series is a bipolar power supply that can be also operated in quadrant 2 to sink the current. This function enables you to measures an output impedance of DUT (e.g. fuel cell, DC power supply) by using PBZ Series as an electronic load. PBZ Series equips with an AC waveform generation function so that you do not need to prepare another oscillator.
The following procedures explain how to flow the load current of DC5A and AC1Arms (1 kHz) to DUT power supply. To accurately measure the impedance, an AC voltmeter and AC ammeter are required.

1) Reset PBZ to the factory default, if needed. SHIFT+POWER ON
2) Set PBZ to the constant current (CC) mode. Press the CONFIG key (menu page 1/7). MODE
POLARITY: BIPOLAR/UNIPOLAR *Press▼ to move the cursor. Turn the knob to specify the setting. CONTROL: CC
3) Set a DC current on PBZ.
Press the DC key.
DC -5.000A (Note: Negative current should be set.)
4) Set an AC current on PBZ. Press the AC key. FUNC Sine wave
AMPL 2.8 A p-p (AC will flow at 1Arms.) FREQ 1000.00Hz (1 kHz)
5) Turn DUT’s output on.
After checking that the negative voltage is applied on the PBZ COM terminal and the positive voltage is applied on the PBZ OUT terminal, turn DUT’s output on.
6) Turn PBZ’s OUTPUT on.
PBZ will sink the current from DUT.
7) Check the current.
Press the MEASURE key.
FUNC DC : Measure DC current/voltage *Turn the knob. FUNC AC : Measure AC current/voltage
8) Turn PBZ and DUT off.
Turn PBZ’s OUTPUT off. Then, Turn DUT’s output off.
Please be noted that the negative voltage might be applied to the DUT by wrong procedures. If the DUT has a diode in parallel with the output, it will be protected that the sink current flows through the diode.

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