How to Load a DP700 License Option

Posted on: December 16th, 2020 by Doug Lovell

DP700 series power supply provides the following options:
     Trigger: provides the trigger input and output functions.
     Timer: outputs based on the preset voltage and current values.
     High Resolution: improves the resolution of the instrument.

To install an option, you need an option license (each instrument has a unique license). The option license is a 28-character string, which consists of English letters and numbers. After you purchase an option, you will obtain a key (used for obtaining the option license). You can then install the option using the following steps.

(1) At the bottom of look for the license activation link:
(2) In the interface, enter the correct key, serial number and verification code. Then click Generate to obtain the option license.
Note: The hyphens in the option license should be omitted.

(3) Press the System key and press Option at the far upper right of the display. Then press the Up/Down arrow key to select the option to be installed.

(4) Press the OK key to enter the license input screen:

(5) In the License Input interface, press the Up/Down/Left/Right arrow key or use the knob to select the desired character (the English letter is not case-sensitive) on the virtual keypad, and then press OK to enter the character. The entered characters will be displayed in the “License Input Area”. While entering the characters.
Note: The hyphens in the option license should be omitted.

(6) After inputting a license, select “Save” on the virtual keypad and press OK. If the option has been successfully installed, a prompt message will be displayed.