How to install DP800 Option Licenses

Posted on: December 16th, 2020 by Doug Lovell

DP800 series power supply provides the following options:
    High Res: 1mV/1mA Resolution option for the DP800 Family
    Interface: RS2322 and LAN interface option for DP800 Family
    AFK: Detect and Analyze option for the DP800 Family
    Digital IO: Four Channels for trigger in and out option for the DP800 Family

To install an option, you need an option license (each instrument has a unique license). The option license is a 28-character string, which consists of English letters and numbers. After you purchase an option, you will obtain a key (used for obtaining the option license). You can then install the option using the following steps.

(1) At the bottom of look for the license activation link:
(2) In the interface, enter the correct key, serial number and verification code. Then click Generate to obtain the option license.
Note: The hyphens in the option license should be omitted.

(3) Press Utility and then arrow over to the second page and then option. 

(4) Press the Install key to enter the license input screen:

(5) In the License Input interface, press the Up/Down/Left/Right arrow key or use the knob to select the desired character (the English letter is not case-sensitive) on the virtual keypad, and then press Select to enter the character. The entered characters will be displayed in the “License Input Area”. While entering the characters.
Note: The hyphens in the option license should be omitted.

(6) After inputting a license, select “OK” on the virtual keypa. If the option has been successfully installed, a prompt message will be displayed.