External USB Data Acquisition with the Rigol DM3068

Posted on: December 15th, 2020 by Doug Lovell

1.    Insert USB stick (FAT32 format) 
2.    Change the trigger source to single. This mode allows you manual control of the start of the data acquisition as well as allowing you to control the number of samples acquired.  
3.    Press DONE and the SINGLE button will become enabled 
4.    Press SET > SNO to set the number of samples.   
NOTE: Use the right and left arrows to move the cursor to the decimal place you wish to change and then use the up and down arrows to increment or decrement the value. In this example, we set the number of samples to 1000. 
5.    Press DONE to accept the changes. 
6.    Press TRIG to back out of the trigger menu and get back to the measurement display.  
NOTE: The display is no longer updating. The rotating indicator and digits are fixed. The meter is now waiting for manual input before it will begin updating.  

7.    Clear the memory data by changing functions. In this example, we switch from DCV to ACV and back to DCV.  
NOTE: The record number (in HISTORY) is set to 0 after the function change.   
8.    Select the function that you wish to use during the data acquisition process. 
9.    Press SINGLE to begin the data acquisition 
10.    The instrument display will continue to update until the data buffer is filled with the number of samples that were set earlier.  
11.    You can take a look at the statistics as well as the number of samples collected   by pressing HISTORY 
12.    To Save the data, press SAVE > Set Disk to A:\ > Set TYPE to Meas_CSV 
13.    Press SAVE to open the text entry field, name the file, and press DONE to  write the CSV data to the external USB drive.