DSA800 Prefix: How to more easily save filenames

Posted on: December 16th, 2020 by Doug Lovell

The latest revision of firmware (DSA815 00.01.12) has the ability to save a prefix for use with file saves. This can make data entry a bit easier.

–    Press SYSTEM > Down arrow to page 2 > Select Name Prefix

–    Select EDIT PREFIX and use the keypad to enter the text you want to start the files with

–    Press OK

–    Here, we have saved TEST as the prefix

–    Set PREFIX SWITCH to ON when you want to use the prefix

NOTE: You can leave the text box in the numeric control (“1” shown in lower corner) when you close the text entry window. It will appear in the same state next time you save a file. You can simply press 1,2,3..etc.. to increment the file.