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Choosing between DL3000 load models

Posted on: December 15th, 2020 by James

There are 4 models in the DL3000 load family: DL3021, DL3021A, DL3031, DL3031A
There are differences in the power and current levels as well as the advanced capabilities. Use this table to identify the best configuration for your application.

DL3021 DL3021A DL3031 DL3031A
Total Power 200 W 200 W 350 W 350 W
Max Current 40 A 40 A 60 A 60 A
User Interface Monochrome Full Color Monochrome Full Color
Max Current Slew Rate 2.5 A/μs Standard; 3 A/μs Optional 3 A/μs Standard 2.5 A/μs Standard; 5 A/μs Optional 5 A/μs Standard
Max continuous mode Frequency 15 kHz Standard;
30 kHz Optional
30 kHz Standard 15 kHz Standard;
30 kHz Optional
30 kHz Standard
Readback Current Resolution 1 mA Standard;
0.1 mA Optional
0.1 mA Standard 1 mA Standard;
0.1 mA Optional
0.1 mA Standard
Digital I/O triggering Optional Standard Optional Standard
Ethernet Comm. Optional Standard Optional Standard

Here is an example of the monochrome vs full colour user interface. The DL3000A models have the full colour interface. The DL3000 (non-A) models use monochrome and can NOT be upgraded to full colour.

The options are available to add to the DL3000 (non-A) models. These are software licenses that can be field upgraded at a later date as your application needs change. This future proofs your investment in RIGOL with a product that can grow with your test requirements. The option model numbers are:

Optional Capability Model Number
Max Current Slew Rate SLEWRATE-DL3
Max continuous mode Frequency FREQ-DL3
Readback Current Resolution HIRES -DL3
Digital I/O triggering DIGITALIO-DL3
Ethernet Comm. LAN-DL3