Booting the DSA800 series Spectrum Analysers from a USB memory stick

Posted on: December 16th, 2020 by Doug Lovell

If your DSA800 series spectrum analyser does not boot when powered up it may be possible to correct the issue by booting off of a USB memory stick.

When the spectrum analyser is powered on you will see a message at the bottom left corner of the display that says:

Waiting Input… (Press ‘Preset’ to boot from the U-Disk)

At this time press the green Preset key on the left side of the display. You will need to do this pretty quick as the message quickly disappears. Once Preset is pressed you should then see a second message that says:

Testing  U-Disk…(Please Insert U-Disk)

Now insert the USB memory stick that contains the firmware image in the root directory.

If successful the spectrum analyser will complete the boot up sequence using the memory stick and the firmware image will be restored on the instrument.