Are there any independent reviews of RIGOL Spectrum Analysers like DSA815 in the UK?

Posted on: December 14th, 2020 by Doug Lovell

Yes, RSGB’s RADCOM reviewed the DSA815-TG. (The relevant issue is RADCOM May 2013 pp36-39 N.B. accidentally omitted from the issue contents page!)
There’s lots of good comment about this from leading affiliated Radio Club where they have blogged about DSA815 on their websites – at the time of press, there is an example of one here:
Other feedback from Radio Amateurs about their achievements with DSA815 and DSA1030 can be found an a great variety of blogs. Example RF applications are very widespread, providing many radio amateurs with a complete toolkit of ideas and ways to ensure outstanding value for your investment in a modern professional-grade spectrum analyser. One example of an amateurs use is here:…